These are some of my customers' websites.  Not all the designs are mine (especially the really bad ones), and sometimes the work I did is not on the website itself.


This is my wife's site.  Originally built as a profitable eCommerce site in 1997, using Perl and HTML, it has been migrated to Drupal 5, 6 and now 7.

Customers find the site on Google, and can buy seeds online using credit card, PayPal or bank transfer.  My wife manages orders and stock on the site, and is able to add new products and content herself.

By paying attention to the needs of the site users, and understanding Google's intentions, the site has several pages in the top ten for our key words. Right now a quick search for "protea seeds" shows it in the top 4 positions.


This is the administration system for an email branding system.  Access to various features is controlled by a permissions system, so you won't be able to view it.

The software is custom-developed and consists of bespoke Drupal modules and a multi-layered database system.  The user interface uses jQuery and AJAX.  The system includes a template editor, user management, a dashboard and reporting.

I did the entire systems architecture design and build, and am on retainer to maintain the system, enhance it as required, and migrate the codebase (200k lines of PHP, C++ and jQuery) to Drupal 7 and 8.


This site was commissioned by the UN to capture the complex mathematics of extracting information from faulty or incomplete census data.

 Since the site needed to be able to display mathematical formulae, such as integrals, differentials and summations, I developed a custom module that would allow an editor to upload formulae into the text of the site.

This site also uses the Drupal translation facilities to allow researchers to provide a French version of the site.

As a result of this website, the complex techniques for analysing census data from third-world countries (where the data is often flawed, but information from it is critical), are readily available to all demographers worldwide.


This site replaced a static page with a perl/cgi bulletin board.  Updates to the club site could only be done by the committee member who had the copy of the website software installed on his PC.  The bulletin board forum allowed members to contribute, but it used BB code instead of WYSIWYG, and the permission structures weren't very flexible (you were either an administrator, a moderator, or an ordinary user).

I replaced the old page and forum with the current Drupal site.  The system now supports more detailed permission levels - such as committee members, advertisers, event coordinators, moderators and ordinary members.  Committee members can all participate in running/managing and contributing to the website, by sending newsletters to members or to all subscribers, creating events on the calendar, and updating club contact details and other information.

There is still a forum that most members make use of.  It allows easy upload of images, and automatically scales them to fit into the page layout, while providing a feature so that clicking on any image will display it enlarged in a lightbox.  This makes each forum page quick to load due to its small file size, yet the large version of pictures can be seen if the user wants to.  The forum editor is WYSIWYG, which makes it easier for club members who are not computer literate.

Membership Administration

I developed a module that manages membership in the club.  It allows newcomers to apply for membership online via the site, and allows committee members to administer the membership records and manage statuses like expired, active, paid-up etc.  It also allows members to keep their own contact details in the membership database current.  This system replaces a spreadsheet on dropbox that suffered from concurrent update problems and was not accessible by members wanting to update their details.

Search Engine Optimisation

The site ranks very well on Google, and is a channel for new members to the club, who typically search for "BMW motorbike club" or "BMW bike breakfast run" and find the club.


This site is similar to the BMW Motor Cycle Club Cape site, in that it allows easy management of newsletter, a forum and a club calendar.  Although not as big or busy as the BMW site, it serves to connect anybody in the Cape interested in footup trials.  The ease with which anybody can register and post to the forum has allowed the small community of trials riders in the Cape to connect, where before trial reports were posted to a static site hosted by the Nomads Motorcycle Club.

The use of tags allows us to tag videos or books, so that a list of embedded videos, or book reviews can be provided easily.

The site was moved to a responsive theme and had an online event registration system added for the 2016 Cape leg of the Trials Nationals.


This is an eCommerce brochure site, developed and hosted by HoneyBadger for an upmarket shade umbrella manufacturer.  I built this in Drupal 7 to take advantage of the integrated slideshow capability.  The site showcases the high-quality products using automated slideshows and an embedded YouTube video.


Another brochure site to promote a motorcycle guided tour business internationally.  This site has been translated into German using the Drupal translation tools, as the target market speaks either English or German.  Developed and hosted by HoneyBadger (i.e. me).


Lindi te Water was one of my very first web customers - I built her Windchimes eCommerce site, and used the then cutting edge sound file playback via the browser functionality to provide her customers with sound clips of her various windchimes.  Lindi now does Sound Therapy, and her new site attracts patients looking for her services.

The Freedom Toaster

Although I am no longer a part of this project, I wrote the original software for the Freedom Toaster, on contract to The Shuttleworth Foundation.  The Freedom Toaster was written in Perl, and had to control multiple DVD writers and provide a touch-screen interface that was easy to use.  The project has since grown internationally to allow up- and down-load of open content, music and software.  During the period I also developed the first version of the Shuttleworth Foundation's website.