Install the latest Arduino on Ubuntu 14.04

Here is my howto based on this one. You will end up with the arduino icon in your Unity Launcher bar, and will have the latest version:

  1. Install the Ubuntu version of arduino from the repos. It is out-of-date, but we will fix that terminal> sudo apt-get install arduino

  2. Find the icon in the program launcher (top left ubuntu icon thingy), and drag it into your launcher toolbar on the left.
  3. Important! run the Ubuntu version of arduino by clicking the icon. This will create the required groups and set their permissions etc. This process is written in the Ubuntu version of the arduino script, and you lose this when you replace the script with the download version.
  4. Download the latest version of Arduino and unpack it (in ~/Downloads for e.g.)
  5. Link to the downloaded arduino script from /usr/bin/ /usr/bin>sudo rm arduino; sudo ln -s ~/Downloads/arduino-1.6.x/arduino arduino

  6. It is important that you leave the download files intact, and only link to the arduino file, because the file detects what directory the link points to and uses that to find updated files.