Interface to Icom IC-7300

  1. Turn on Laptop and Radio
  2. Plug in USB cable from IC-7300 to Laptop
  3. Get the USB port number of the Burr-Brown from TI USB Audio CODEC:
            dmesg|grep 'cp210x converter now attached to'
  4. Look up the machine model number of your rig:
            rigctl -l [|grep 7300]
  5. Start rigctld:
            rigctld -m 373 -r /dev/ttyUSB0 -v
  6. Other options such as rigctl (interactive shell), or grig (Gui rig control) possible, see
  7. Set the Laptop Sound Output to the PCM2901 Audio Codec - otherwise you will get no power output when the transmitter keys...
  8. Set the wsjt-x Settings/Audio to use the Burr-Brown Alsa audio connection.

No Sound