About Me

I solve IT problems. From a corporate consulting background as an integration specialist, I now develop web and email software.

I also provide web development and hosting for clubs and businesses.  Have a look at my portfolio page.

A new direction in keeping with my inventiveness and problem-solving is microcontroller/electronic solutions using Arduino and Raspberry Pi.


Various certificates and courses:

  • BMW Advanced Offroad Rider Training
  • Linux fundamentals trainer training
  • Linux Professionals Institute Certified Linux Administrator Level 1 (2005)
  • Faculty for the OO Analysis and Design course at Andersen Consulting
  • Master Practitioner of NLP
  • Andersen Consulting training in Business Analysis and Design, Delivering Client Value and Architecting Business Change
  • E&Y CounterHack Internet Security Training
  • Maximum Entropy Inference at RAU
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Client/Server architecture
  • Competent Toastmaster
  • Mountain Leadership
  • Presentation skills
  • Surf Lifesaving of SA Surf Proficiency Award
  • Navy Diver training
  • Fire-fighting and First Aid
  • Life Insurance


  • ObjectActive Conference's Innovative Use of Java Award for a web-based credit card encryption system (1999)
  • ISM Gold Medal for Mathematical Sciences at Wits in 1987
  • Silver medal in the Scottburgh to Brighton long-board race (1983)
  • Best Actor, Sportsman of the year and all-round achiever of the year in my matric year (1981)

University of the WitwatersRand (1987):

B.Sc. Honours (cum laude) - Applied Mathematics & Theoretical Physics

Work Experience

(In chronological order)

During an overwinter research expedition in the Antarctic as part of the SANAE 30 (1989) expedition, I developed an interface between the Oculus video card and the PC to allow scientists to identify stars in the field of view of the aurora cameras.  I also designed and built a power supply for a low-light-level video camera.

I spent 10 years at Andersen Consulting, helping customers develop large systems using structured methodologies and standards. When the internet emerged, I was the head of "Emerging Technologies" at Andersen South Africa, and became intimately involved in internet technology.

In 1997 I started my own internet business selling Protea seeds. This business had zero startup costs, and from day one was more profitable than Amazon.com. It has since grown to the point where it sells protea seeds to Kirstenbosch Gardens. My experience with this business and the technology led to my being head-hunted by inthebag to be their CIO and a director in 2000.

In 2001 I was introduced to linux on the CounterHack Security Training course I attended. I converted my business to run only linux and started contributing to the open source community by volunteering to install linux computer labs at disadvantaged schools as part of the Shuttleworth Foundation's tuXlabs project.

During this time (2001 - 2005) I trained volunteers and performed contract work for the Shuttleworth Foundation on various training, management and programming assignments (for e.g. The Freedom Toaster).

In 2006 I joined a small team of developers to rebuild the Rocketseed Email Branding software.  I am now the chief technical architect at Rocketseed Limited, on retainer.

What's with the badgers?

The honey badger is known for its tenacious resourcefulness: it just doesn't give up until it gets what it is after.  A wildlife documentary shows the honeybadger stealing a dead rat out of the mouth of a puffadder.  After eating the rat, the badger is still hungry, so it goes back and eats the puffadder!  There is a video of a pet honeybadger called "Stoffel", who thwarts his owner's attempts to keep him in an enclosure - revealing the badger's intelligence and problem-solving ability.

We are like that.